Bialystok University of Technology

Bialystok University of Technology, Created in 1949, is a new partner added to ASACO Education portfolio. the university has 8,500 students, 660 teachers, 27 undergraduate courses, 21 graduate courses, nearly 140 bilateral scientific and educational cooperation agreements with partners foreigners, more than 260 Erasmus + bilateral agreements, 13 double degree agreements, and has 7 faculties (departments):

- Faculty of Architecture.

- Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

- Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

- Faculty of Computer Science.

- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

- Faculty of Engineering Management and Faculty of Forestry in Hajnowka (due to its specialization located in the city of Hajnowka, in the heart of the Bialowieza forest).

BUT is the largest University of Technology in northeastern Poland.

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