The Zagreb School of Economics and Management (Croatia)

ZSEM is our first partner in Croatia, a Business school founded in 2002.

The mission of ZSEM is to transfer values, knowledge, and skills that students need for long-term success in a globalized business world undergoing constant technological and market transformations.

In order to achieve its goal of transferring values, knowledge, and skills, our faculty produces intellectual contributions, primarily discipline-based, along with contributions to teaching and practice. We are focused on providing high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs. ZSEM’s wider social influence is evident in innovative programs and working methods, in the interaction of all stakeholders with the business community as well as in publicity, which is an important tool for building relationships with businesses and our broader community.

The objectives set by our mission will be fulfilled through:

- Nurturing business values and transfer of those values as an important code, implemented in School’s life as well as in all parts of our student’s education

- Adopting, transferring and increasing knowledge in the fields of economics and business administration

- Adopting and transferring skills for conducting business globally and adapting to technological and market changes

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